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Bali is suffering hard during the crisis and our award-winning charity partner is focussed on supporting the disadvantaged communities that need the most help.

The $50,000 we are seeking to raise will make a huge difference both in keeping kids at school, supporting health and hygeine programmes and providing emergency food deliveries.     

  • $25 provides a family of four with food for a month. 
  • $250 supports a child through school for a year.     


The Bali Hope Challenge takes place throughout November. 

Join one of our headline events or enter with a personal challenge & fundraise for our award-winning charity partner Bali Children Foundation who are busy supporting families and communities hit hard by the crisis.  


STEP 2. Choose your challenge (swim, bike, run, walk - your distance, anytime, anywhere)

STEP 3. Go solo, join or create a team with friends, family & colleagues

STEP 4. Tell the world & fundraise together 


Register with a donation, choose your challenge, create or join a team.



Invite friends and family to join your team or support your fundraising. Spread the word on social media.


Set your goal, and start working towards it. Train and fundraise with fellow team members.   


The Bali Hope Challenge welcomes individuals taking on their own challenge and also has some 'headline challenges' scheduled across the month. Please feel free to one join these or create your own.

Your challenge, your distance, anytime, anywhere.

November 21 BHU-X

A relay-team based ultra marathon where a team in Bali is taking on the coast-to-coast Bali Hope Ultra and being joined virtually by other teams from around the world 

Read more

November 29 The Bali Hope Ultra-Tri

It takes place on the weekend of November 28/29 when a small group complete a unique triathlon across Bali. The route includes a 5km swim, 200km bike and 35km run.

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As we did with the first Bali Hope Challenge, these events will be live-streamed. 

Team members can join virtually via zoom and social media from wherever you are in the world. 

Get connected, track your progress, and join The Bali Hope community.

We know that tracking and sharing your progress not only gets you fitter and stronger faster but helps with fundraising. Link your Strava or Fitbit and join our Bali Hope Challenge Strava club.


What is The Bali Hope Challenge?

The Bali Hope Challenge is a global virtual charity event that raises funds for Bali Children Foundation.

BCF is Bali's leading education charity focussed on lifting up disadvantaged communities with award-winning and innovtiave grassroots programs.

The Bali Hope Challenge looks to activate every level of athlete from newcomers taking on their first 5km to elite endurance athletes breaking new ground. 

The Bali Hope Challenge has multiple goals, these include building new community and connection among team members, raise funds for our charity partner and inspire others to connect, challenge themselves and make a difference.   

Is The Bali Hope Challenge open to all types of physical challenge?

Yes, The Bali Hope Challenge welcomes team members taking on any kind of challenge which is meaningful to them. It could range from a first time 1/2 marathon, "couch to 5km" or a 24 hour 100 mile ultra marathon.

Your challenge, your distance, anytime, anywhere.    

Is there a certain distance I need to set and achieve with my Bali Hope Challenge?

You are welcome to join with any type of challenge. We all have different starting points on our fitness journey and any run, swim, bike, walk or personal challenge is welcome.  We know from experience that once we all start to connect the inspiration builds and you may make your challenge longer and achieve more than you first thought possible. 

How do I join the Bali Hope Ultra-Triathlon?

The Bali Hope Ultra-Triathlon is taking place virtually on November 28 with a small group of 'Bali Hopers' taking on the full distance in Bali.

You can join them virtually on the day for all or part of the distance. You can also choose to complete one leg or form a relay team.

Participate virtually in your home town on the day or across the month of November.

Where does the fundraising go?

All funds raised go directly to our award-winning charity partner Bali Children Foundation. Their work helps lift disadvantaged communities out of poverty with education to employment programs.

Read about their work here 

Bali Hope is then reimbursed costs relating to the promotion of the campaign which include platform costs, video and promotional content and team costs. These costs relate to a 20% cost to fundraising ratio. 

Why have you chosen to support Bali Children Foundation?

Since 2018 we have partnered with Bali Children Foundation (BCF). This multi-award winning charity is registered in both Indonesia and Australia and was recently recognised by the Australian government for its work.

BCF is proven to be highly effective at not only identifying and supporting the communities most in need, but also in delivering programs tailored to meet their specific needs.      


Do I have to pay to participate?

There is no entrance fee for the event, the Bali Hope Challenge only ask that team members make a donation of AU$50 to yourself and do your best to fundraise with us for Bali Children Foundation. 

How do I sign up?

Can we donate to a local charity?

We have deliberately partnered with BCF as they are the leading charity focussed on education in Bali and are therefore uniquely placed to not only help the communities and families in need right now but also help Bali recover from the pandemic. 

Their focussed and targeted approach ensures funds are used strategically and for the greatest impact.  

Do I have to raise money to take part?

The Bali Hope Challenge is a charitable event, and every donation helps towards achieving our goals for Bali Children Foundation - to help lift disadvantaged communities out of poverty.

Through developing and delivering highlty effective grassroots support programs, BCF has impacted 1000s of families. Only with the fundraising support of our participants and their wider community, can they continue their life-changing work.

Can I make a cash or cheque donation?

Only if you can connect directly to a member of the BCF team or visit their office in Bali, however a bank transfer is possible.

Please connect directly with BCF via their website for details on this.   

Alternatively please use the details below:



Those interested in making direct donations can do so via BCF's Australian charity, using the bank details below. Please remember to send BCF an email to let us know about your donation at info@balichildrenfoundation.org to give them a chance to express our appreciation for your generosity.



Bank: National Australia Bank

Account Name: Bali Children Foundation

Account Number: 31 122 4263

BSB: 083 155


Branch Address: 424 St. Kilda Rd. Melbourne, VIC 3004



Bank: Commonwealth Bank

Account Name: Yayasan Samiarsa Seminyak

Account No 102 311 0631 (IDR)

Swift Code: BICNIDJA

Help I am having technical problems with the website

Send a message to team@bali-hope.com and we will come back to you. 


Need inspiration? 
Watch our first Bali Hope Challenge.

In June 2020, over 200 participants from 14 countries completed challenges ranging from 100-mile ultra marathons to 12km swims and 5km runs raising over $65,000 for Bali Children Foundation.