Create or join a challenge

The Bali Hope Challenge is open to anyone wanting to push themselves and help make a difference.

As with our live events we welcome elite endurance athletes, total newcomers and everything in between. 

When you register and form a team you can describe what you have planned. 

We also have some headline challenges including BHU-X and the Bali Hope Ultra-Tri.

You can join either of these virtually and participate in whole or in part from wherever you are in the world.

If you want to create your own challenge let us know and we can help share it within the Bali Hope community.

Teams, Clubs & Coaches

We are excited to welcome particpants and teams from Tri, Swim, Running and Cycling Clubs, coaches wanting to join the Bali Hope Challenge with clients, and teams from organisations with links to Bali.    

The Bali Hope Challenge is the perfect platform to bring your community together for a unique challenge.

A chance to train and race together while making change happen for Bali.

Please register here or connect to us on to find out more and how we can support your involvement with branded promotional material and social media support. 

We've been lucky to build some great partnerships with inspired athletes, role models and companies wanting to support human scale events linked to important social and environment causes and are always keen to build generative and effective collaborations.