For developing countries the negative impact of covid has been particularly profound.

For Bali, with an economy so reliant on tourism, the closure of its boarders has meant that 10,000s of families have lost their source of income for most of 2020.

The disadvantaged communities that Bali Children Foundation (BCF) help are feeling the pain more than most. 

In their words: "The crisis continues in Bali - rising unemployment, hungry children and thousands needing assistance to feed their families. Although education is our core activity, we just can't ignore what's happening in the villages we work in. Many of our sponsors are sending extra funds to contribute to food distribution - and every dollar counts!."

BCF works with families whose monthly income rarely exceeded $100/month in the pre-pandemic era. During the crisis demand for their work has increased many times over and yet traditional fundraising activities have been curtailed. 

The Bali Hope Challenge raises funds for a charity doing crucially important work with those who need the most help; keeping children in school, providing emergency food supplies and helping to develop important community health and hygiene projects.

By joining the Bali Hope Challenge team you will be playing a vital role in supporting an island at a time of crisis and making a real difference to people's lives.

For example with their food programme AU$25 feeds a family of 4 for a month, and in terms of keeping vulnerable children at school AU$330 supports a child for 12 months.   

Please learn more about the award-winning work of Bali Children Foundation here.