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Keeping up with the team - 6 in 60

Friday 18th Sep
Our team are working to raise funds for Bali Children Foundation and each team member will fund raise from their own platforms with some updates on the team page. Why not join our team or do your own thing? With Melbourne's semi freedom in sight and Bali going back into a controlled lockdown, our exercise and diet is super important. Ross is walking beach, treadmill and swimming. Warwick is mostly walking treadmill and swimming as Ubud is far from the beach. This is our team photo taken at a recent Beach walk

The fitness part..

Friday 18th Sep
For those interested this is the fitness work for this week.
Day 1 Monday walk the beach with Ross 4800 steps in soft sand
Day 2 Walk the beach with Ross 5500 steps in soft sand
Day 3 Treadmill- 1 kilometer @ 4.
Day 4. Walk the beach with Ross.  4950 steps in soft sand.
Day 5. Today. Treadmill - 1 kilometer @4.5 

Opening weight on Monday 14th September

Friday 18th Sep

Friday 18th weigh-in

Friday 18th Sep

Reaching goals daily

Friday 18th Sep
On Monday we started a mix of walking, Keto diet and intermittent fasting. Monday was weigh in day , for me at 77kg! Today Friday after four days the weigh came in at 74.6 - a loss of 2.4kg. Easy to get excited but that was the recently acquired Covid Calories excess. The next week will be much harder as I try to lose the established and at home fat which sits on my body. The photos below show the opening and today's closing weigh in's.  

Keeping it going

Wednesday 16th Sep

One of the cruel side effects of COVID is the phenomenon known as "COVID KILOS". we've become quite avid collectors over the past six months and it's time to do something about it!

Ross Smith, Warwick Purser and Marg Barry have all committed to shedding 6 kilos in 60 days starting Monday September 14th.

To keep us focused and motivated we are linking our efforts to raising funds for Bali Children Foundation’s work, lifting disadvantaged communities out of poverty. Due to the Covid crisis this work is even more important right now.

Please join in the spirit of things and sponsor us to drop those 6 kilos

Our weights, blogs and updates are on our individual pages for all to see.  

Think thin. Think about the kids we're going to be able to support and help us achieve our goal.

You are also welcome to join our team – in fact we would love it if you did!

Thanks Everyone

Marg, Warwick, Ross  xxx

We have started our fitness and weight loss program with a goal to lose 6kg in 60 days while raising funds for BCF. I am starting at 77 kg so loads to lose which should make it easier but probably wont. Day one and two Ross and I walked the beach.  Day three today, is treadmill for all including Warwick. My legs are wrecked after two days walking half a kilometre in soft sand and need kinder treatment today.  How did @davidjones ever do his 24hour, 100klm run in soft sand? That was legendary.   Please keep us motivated  and donate to support our fundraising.

Thank you to my Sponsors


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WE love your work Marg


Margaret Barry