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Hi there,

I have joined the Bali Hope Challenge and am fundraising for Bali Children Foundation, an award-winning charity focussed on lifting disadvantaged communities out of poverty. Due to the crisis their work is even more important right now.

If you are in a position to help please support me with a donation or get involved in the Bali Hope Challenge yourself.

Thanks so much for your help!  

My Updates

Gosh, this year has been a big one!

Wednesday 14th Oct
Our family started in celebrating new years in Port Melbourne, flew to Bali for a holiday and arrived home weeks before the worst of the pandemic hit. In May, Steve was made redundant and I came off the last of my mood stabilizer medication. Steve found a better job, and voila I came good too. But by then the 'rona had come of course. 

The oddest part of telling myself for ten years how amazing being "normal" would be is undoubtedly the fact that as soon as I arrived at "normal" a global pandemic hit. Then the economy shit itself, we had to talk to our parents via messenger and life as we knew it changed for god knows how long. 😱 I really didn't know if I'd cope with all the curve balls. Then Dad got sick and was in hospital and we weren't allowed to visit. And I went back to work. 

Each step of the way I wasn't convinced I'd "make it". But I thought I better try anyway. And it was hard and there were sad days but I still managed to give up bad habits and work on my nutrition. Steve is re employed in a better job. I ended up with a job and an internship. Dad got better. We started adapting to the "new normal" (masks and all). 

I began to realise though that though my version of hard was difficult it was nothing compared to some. Yesterday I spoke to our friend The Balian Jero Manik and our friend and driver too Putu Artha Baliguide. We also talk to Jem Sadi everyday. Things are so hard on the island. 

People who live alone are starving... literally crying hungry. Some, offering to sell their beloved pets for rice. What kind of world is this? I have heard all the stories and felt all the despair and tears. I am actually sending 150kgs of rice to a village this week and still, I know it is no where near enough. 

For a few days I slumped under the enormity. I felt depressed and overwhelmed. I told my husband and best friend I was struggling and going downhill and "there was nothing I could do." But then it occurred to me that me hitting the wall again out of sadness would be so counter- productive; for me, for my family and for my friends in Bali. 

Just because I can't save the whole island doesn't mean I can't make a difference. So I have committed to raising funds for Bali-Hope to bring much needed resources back to the community that needs it most. My birthday is in just over two weeks and I've decided to walk 42.2kms (the equivalent of a full marathon) to raise money for this incredible charity. I know what it's like to struggle to make ends meet. I can't imagine the feeling of doing it in a country with no welfare as a safety net.

My target is to raise $1500 by my birthday to get the essentials required for Bali-Hopes work. If I beat that target I will walk 50kms that day which is 15kms more than I've ever walked in a stretch in my life. To do this during restrictions will be hard, and on my birthday maybe a bit crazy. 

But I need to move the pendulum forward and keep on adventuring, never losing sight of the world I want to live in. It's up to us to create it after all. It's 2020 and although things are hard, I don't believe for a second that anyone in a community anywhere, ever, should have to sell their pet for a bag of rice. I struggled to tell Ted he couldn't go to school but looking in my child's face if they hadn't had enough to eat... I can't. So I'll walk and keep on walking. One foot in front of the other, towards a world I can feel happier living in. 

Would love your support. 


Birthday plans? A marathon for the most vulnerable in Bali.

Monday 12th Oct
November 3rd is a public holiday in Victoria for the Melbourne Cup and it falls on a Tuesday this year. I'll be taking a progressive gamble that day and backing myself for the win. That day happens to be my 37th birthday. And I've decided to spend it wisely by attempting to bridge a divide and create the kind of future world I want to live in.
I believe in a world where every child has a right to the essentials that allows them access to education in particular basic numeracy and literacy which we know, has the capacity to change lives. Over the years the island of the gods has earned a huge part of my heart so I have decided to raise vital funds to provide disadvantaged kids in Bali with essential services we take for granted in Australia, including the opportunity to receive an education.
Instead of opening presents and eating cake this year I'll be enduring a 42.2km walk, the equivalent of a full marathon. I want to make sure that the island is a sustainable place to live for the future generation in Bali. The communities in Bali arguably need our support more than ever before. I will wear my garmin for proof on the day.
I will also ensure there is footage and have support crew attest to my distance covered. If restrictions are not lifted and I cannot spend the time outside of my home or 5km radius I will walk the entire distance on a treadmill if I have to. The truth is I can't think of a better way to spend my day than investing in the education of the next generation.
This year instead of cake, a card, small gift or backing a donkey to place while being flogged in the hope of striking it rich I ask you to instead consider investing in the kind of future world you want. I know for me that is a world in which the children of darling and hospitable adults don't go without essentials including an education.
I realise it is a big ask right now but if you are in a position to do so please donate to my fundraising efforts that will see me walk a flat 42.2kms on my birthday. And if you're not in a position to do so I ask that you if you are so inclined you support by sharing my efforts in the hope that others may just be inspired to take their own action.
Let's do this.... together.

Thank you to my Sponsors




The Girls Xxxx

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Naomi Fryers



Naomi, you are such an inspiration as always. So proud of you thinking and working to support others, even during this challenging time. Nerissa xoxo


Peter Fryers

$2.00 per km. Congratulations a great effort for a great cause.


Jane And Greg Dixon


Mindful Travel Solutions

Let’s hope we can get you back to the beautiful Bali and the amazing people you are supporting soon 🤞🏻💕 so proud of you!



You go girl - Great cause and the Balinese are such kind Souls.


Karen Mc Dermott

wonderful cause.


Lisa Cementon

Good luck beautiful. You are always giving of yourself for there. Love you x



Good luck!



Great job Naomi. You go girl!!!!


Anna Williams


Naomi Fryers



Cheering you on from a distance xx


Judy & Graeme Snell


Donna Mackinnon




Sandra Louwrens

Good Luck with your walk tomorrow Naomi . I hope you reach your Target you are looking for . I have just had the expense of moving from one rental to another so I hope what I have donated helps . Sorry I couldn’t give more . ❤️


Leesa Clarkson

You are amazing!!!!


Jenni Wright

You’re a beautiful soul xx




Dianne Lindner

Awesome work Naomi! x


Bree Ross

You go girl!! Smash it!


Giulia Tamai

Happy birthday Naomi :D


Laura Brady