Rosanna Bille

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Help me improve the lives of thousands of children

Hi there,

I have joined the Bali Hope Challenge and am fundraising for Bali Children Foundation, an award-winning charity focussed on lifting disadvantaged communities out of poverty. Due to the crisis their work is even more important right now.

If you are in a position to help please support me with a donation or get involved in the Bali Hope Challenge yourself.

Thanks so much for your help!  

Thank you to my Sponsors


Nordic Council


Kerry Laurenson

You are all amazing!


Alexandre Lane


Alexandre Lane


Andrew And Cherry Ritchie

Go for it Nanna. A hugely good Cause


Casey Au

Amazing effort John. Best of luck





Brian Swan Aka Unstoppable Family

So good to meet you and so pumped your drive a commitment for this amazing event


Lotus Hartley

Amazing, everyone. You've got this Rosanna!! 💪


Kipper Eldridge

R E S P E C T to all of you especially Rosanna. When the going gets tough ....... super good luck


Amber And Piet Van Den Berg

Thinking of you all as you embark on the most epic endeavour all in the name of charity. Good luck to my sister Rosannna and the entire team!!


Sarah Austin

You are the most incredible woman / friend I know. I am so proud of what you achieve! Enjoy my love! Xxx


Gabriella Brennan

Good luck 🙏🏽


Gabriella Brennan

Good luck 😘🙏🏽


Daniel Davis

Thank you Rosanna for being a super hero to the Balinese and inspiration to the world! Can't wait to cheer you on!!


Lorraine Allen

keep us updated id like to come cheer at some stage ..


Piga Makofi

Full power Rosanna


Lauren Fuschillo

My best teacher and coach! Here’s to running with you again soon! 💗


Rhonda Swan- Unstoppable Family

Go momma go you got this!


Noelle Clarke



Go Nana and team! In your own words “send it”!! Super proud of you what a wonderful gift to Bali xxx


Lia Eldridge

Your an amazing woman Rosanna. Good for you, We would love to come and cheer you on, let me know xxx


Caroline Hutton




Dave & Mandi

Epic challenge, for a worthy cause! 🙏


Martinus Vroemen

All for LOVE 🙏💚✨