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Hi there,

I have joined the Bali Hope Challenge and am fundraising for Bali Children Foundation, an award-winning charity focussed on lifting disadvantaged communities out of poverty. Due to the crisis their work is even more important right now.

If you are in a position to help please support me with a donation or get involved in the Bali Hope Challenge yourself.

Thanks so much for your help!  

Thank you to my Sponsors


Timo Breyer


Steele Inc Limited


Alan Steele

Well done Thimo. Smashed the record . Huge achievement.


Jens V.

Amazing Bro 😎


Thimo Kilberth


Malte Noack

GO Thimo!!!


Thimo Kilberth






I Gusti Ngurah Mahaalit Aribawa

Go go go .. you are amazing....